Friday, September 9, 2011

Disable webOS's (flawed) Browser Cache

So it turns out webOS's browser cache is far too over aggressive, to the point that a web page will never show updates unless the refresh button is pressed. The only answer I've found? Totally disabling cache.

Sure that means pages will load slower, but I still think that's better than a quick initial cache load followed by a manual refresh after realising your reading 3 hour old news.

This will work with both the default browser and Advanced Browser.

1. Install Preware if you haven't already (google will help you with this)
2. Install Internalz Pro from Preware.
3. Open Internalz Pro -> app name in top left corner of the screen -> Preferences -> turn on 'Master Mode' -> app name again -> close
4. Open /etc/palm/browser-app.conf
5. Change the following:


6. Reboot your tablet (Luna restart isn't enough)
7. Done

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